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For parents looking to document  child support expenses without involving the family  legal system.

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Banking benefits #1

Parents never have to retain any receipts of purchases or expenses incurred for financial benefit of their children. Simply print bank statements.

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Parents never have to prove or state intent of child expenses. Our preinstalled child support agreements has got you covered.

Banking benefits #3

Non-custodial parents can have a piece of mind having complete transparency of child expenses, preventing mismanaging of child support.

Why choose CoParentCapital

CoParentCapital is a first of its kind with personalized solutions for parents. We understand that in some cases, parents can only pay what they can, when they can.” We offer our unique patent pending child support through incremental expenses. This allows parents to be flexible, creating personalized resolutions that work for their specific needs and circumstances with protection. This can be especially beneficial for families with unique situations or complex needs that might not be addressed with traditional court ordered child support.