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Either parent may request Coparent Capital’s customized child expense debit card with the non-custodial parent assuming financial responsibility as the primary account holder.

With the CPC Debit Card, either parent Can Incur Child Support Expenses

No Overdraft fees

Either Parent Can Swipe

Incremental Expenses

Preinstalled Child Support Agreement with Electronic Signatures

Child Support

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It’s about the children

Service With A Purpose

Coparent Capital serves as a communication service with a modest outreach and ambitious pursuit to change the unfortunate fate of our families dealing with absentee fathers.

In the U.S., most States require an unwed biological father to legally establish a parental interest to a child, but many fail to act. We focus on the underserved community of coparents who choose to avoid the family legal system.

We offer financial services, including digital banking and provide a comprehensive program designed to educate parents as well as prepare them for the unique dynamics of the changes they face when coparenting.

Our Solution

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Child Support

A Digital Mobile Banking Experience Catered to Unwed Parents